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Why did I become a photographer? I see the world differently when looking through the view finder of my camera. Is the moment significant to someone?  Is there movement that needs to be captured?  Am I recording a vanishing way of life or a fleeting moment?  It's all these and more.  I firmly believe that a picture really is worth a thousand words - sometimes much more.  A photograph can covey drama, happiness, sadness. A photograph can bring a smile to your face, or a tear to your eye.  No other medium has the power to do that as simply as a photo can.

I am inspired by artists, great and unknown. Ed Ruscha for his apartment and gas stations series, David Hockney for his Pearblossom Highway, David Douglas Duncan for his 1968 series on the democratic convention in Chicago and the republic convention in Miami Beach and its impact on us.  Added to the list is Aaron Huey and his walk across America, the simplicity of Edward Weston's nautilus photographs, Robert Mapplethorpe for his photographs of Cala Lilies and Tulips, and Irving Penn's photographs of Morocco.  There are just so many great photographers out there.

I spend many nights looking at images, looking at the work of Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Steve McCurray and many others, famous and not so famous. I look to them not to copy them, but for inspiration.  I find inspiration in every image I see. 

Why did I become so enamored of photography? It's all about joy - the joy of capturing a moment that one second later is lost to time, the joy of looking through the view finder and seeing a different perspective of the world, the joy of seeing a photograph rendered into an actual print that I can hold in my hands, and the joy my photographs bring to the people who have my images hanging on their walls at home and at work.

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Off the Interstate - A Trip Through Five States

Urban Decay - Detroit, MI

Below Zero - Finalist at PhotoLA 2014






Long Beach Grand Prix 2013

Cars and Coffee - Irvine

Midnight in Black and White

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Nepal and Bhutan



Everest Base Camp 17,056 Feet - Tibet & Beijing Images



Panorama of Lemaire Channel - Antarctica.  Check out more of our panoramic images here.




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